Speedtest of your internet connection

Is speed of your internet connection as fast as promise your Internet provider? It's only your impression that today is your connection slow as a turtle? Such questions can answer this page. It can relative exactly judge speed of your Internet.
If you like this gauger, you can legally load from here and you can place it on your web pages

Process and result of measurement:

Position of indicator and its color show process and result:
  • Before start is color grey.
  • start of measurement change color to brown.
  • Red color and speed to 1000 bit/sec means very slow connection, corresponding the oldest modems from begin of computers epoch.
  • Green color and value between 30 to 100 kbit/sec show good and fast connection.
  • Value over 1Mbity/sec show very fast connection - such speed is available via ADSL or cabel modem.
  • Blue color and value over 10 Mbit/sec are on the top of ability of this page, data are loaded directly from the harddisk or via the newest technology

The way of measurement:

From the server is loaded big file with a small pieces of data with exact length. Simultaneously is counted time needed for loading every piece of data. Speed is analyse continually. All measurement take maximally 60 second. Result means not only speed of your connection but also actual server endurance. Take the result rather only for orientation.

In case new measurement shows speed up your expectation, data are probably loaded from your computer cache - try to delete cache of your browser and reload this page.


Different data source:

Because result of measurement depends on server from which are data loaded, here you can choose other source and you can compare it:


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